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Zombivli Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Zombivli Movie Review : Zombie apocalypse with a dash of humour

Who doesn’t love a zombie film? There have been innumerable zombie apocalypse films in the west and the genre has a loyal fan following, almost as much as slasher films. In India, Go Goa Gone experimented with the undead and brought zombies on the celluloid in recent times. But films in the genre are just a handful (Goa Goa Gone, Rise of The Zombie and Miruthan to name a few). Adding to that list is Aditya Sarpotdar’s directorial, which brings the outbreak closer home, in Dombivali, and what you get is Marathi cinema’s first zombie apocalypse film, aptly titled Zombivli.

Director Aditya Sarpotdar’s ambitious project deserves full marks for its concept. The story unfolds in Dombivali, highlighting the rich-poor divide by juxtaposing a high rise residential tower with a slum in its vicinity. So there’s a social angle attached to the story by Mahesh Iyer, which prevents this film from going into the mindless, zombie-attack zone which quite a few Hollywood projects have. There’s balance here. There’s also a genuine reason behind the outbreak and you almost feel for the zombies when the reason comes forth.

A film in this genre relies a lot on VFX and prosthetics, and Zombivli scores on that front by making the zombies look scary and believable. The background score is equally good, conveying the gravity of each scene well.

As for performances, the film unites three young guns – Amey Wagh, Vaidehi Parshurami and Lalit Prabhakar – and that itself does half the trick given the target audience that Zombivli is aimed at. That said, the three actors give it their best shot. Amey as Sudhir is convincing as the generally timid engineer who steps up when a challenge presents itself. Vaidehi looks the part and is honest in her portrayal of Seema, Sudhir’s wife, but there was scope for her to do better. The standout star in this trio is definitely Lalit, as the honest but brash Vishwas who has a ‘right hand’ that’s out of his control. Trupti Khamkar has a brief role but shines.

The film begins on a high note and picks steam soon. However, midway, it loses steam and becomes a drag-fest before picking up pace again during the climax. Also, a key plot point is revealed early on, making Zombivli predictable. All this affects the overall impact of the film, but doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a welcome experiment for Marathi cinema.

Long story short, if you are a fan of the ‘undead’ genre, and love a dash of comedy in it, Zombivli should be on your watch-list. Watch it for the performances and story.

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