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ZolZaal Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 1.5 / 5

ZolZaal Movie Review : An attempted comedy that misses the mark

What starts off as a generic slapstick comedy with an ensemble cast ends up being exactly that. ZolZaal does not promise much in the form of intrigue or plot and none of these are a priority for the filmmaker. The dialogues in the film are written with the primary focus of getting as many crass and double entendre jokes as possible.

The story jumps around from one plot to another with little explanation as to who the protagonist is or what their motivations are. The film introduces pivotal characters well into the second half and culminates in one of the most predictable endings in recent times.

Structured as a middle aged man’s fantasy, the only thing that stands out in this film is the over the top use of sleazy dialogues and gratuitous scenes with women playing nothing but eye candy. The film hopes to capitalise on the success of several sex comedy films just like in Bollywood, but fails miserably. And while some jokes do land with the audience, most miss the mark.

There are many story points that start off strong only to be left unresolved. The film sees multiple strong actors like Supriya Karnik, Udya Tikekar and Kushal Badrike, who sadly are thoroughly underutilized and the script does not offer them much either. Bharat Ganeshpure, deserves a special mention as he adds a lot of his own flair to the comedy, making his scenes a better viewing experience.

Overall, ZolZaal is far from perfect but could be a one time watch, at best, if you go into the cinema hall with absolutely no expectations and refrain from looking for logic in what happens on screen.

— Anub George

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