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Yutha Satham

Yutha Satham Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 1.5 / 5

Yutha Satham Movie Review : This murder mystery gets it all wrong!

Yutha Satham Movie Review: In Yutha Satham, Radhakrishnan Parthiban plays a cop named Kathirvelan, who has returned to the force after a break following a personal tragedy. But the manner in which this character is written and performed, one would hardly believe that he is a cop haunted by personal demons. Parthiban plays this character in the same way in which he plays most roles, uttering quips rather than dialogues, and acting like someone with hardly a care. In fact, from his appearance, one might not even think of him as a cop if they ran into him on the street.

So, when Kathirvelan gets a sensational case, literally right on his station’s doorstep, we anticipate a tense investigative thriller. After all, the victim, Raghavi (Saipriya Deva), has been stabbed multiple times by unidentified men. But Kathirvelan, for some reason, decides to go after Nakulan (Gautham Karthik), Raghavi’s boyfriend and a private detective. But Nakulan claims innocence and swears to find the killer himself.

The story of Yutha Satham is based on a novel by Rajesh Kumar, and we see the presence of several high-concept elements —music played at a specific decibel that makes it a potent drug, a shady private detective, corporate espionage — that could have made this a pulpy thriller. However, these elements exist only as ideas that lack any rooting. Ezhil’s script is so wayward, swinging wildly from unsuitable comedy to loud melodrama. And he directs this material with hardly any feel for the genre. We get jarring tonal shifts and unconvincing performances that take away any semblance of mood. Instead, the director pads screen time with tasteless comedy by Robo Shankar, unmemorable songs and distracting editing gimmicks. By the time we get to the final revelation on the identity of the killer, we hardly care.

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