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Yugi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Yugi Movie Review : An intense thriller that could have been made better

Yugi Movie Synopsis: A detective, along with his team, goes in search of a missing girl. What follows is shocking revelations about Karthika, a girl who became the victim of power and economic exploitation.

Yugi Movie Review: The success of any investigative suspense thriller lies in the emotional connect that it tends to create with the characters involved. The plot of director Zac Harris’s Yugi had all potential to evolve as one if the writer of the film would have narrated the tale incorporating pulsating sequences. While certain revelations and the proceedings made towards the tale end are quite interesting, there are barely any scenes that could pull us to the edge-of-the-seat. The film’s core revolves around the life and the plight of an young couple, who becomes the victim of power and economic exploitation.

Yugi starts off with a popular actor, John Vijay, being shot dead by an unknown person. A few minutes into the film we are introduced to four important characters – that of a detective (Narain), a henchman (Natty), retired police officer (Purushothaman) and a sub Inspector (Kathir). All these characters are connected by one common motive – that of finding a missing girl – Karthika (Anandhi). As detective Nandakumar (Narain) along with SI Rajkumar (Kathir) and Shalini (Athmeeya) gets closer to the mystery behind the missing case, the suicide of a lady doctor and revelations made by a hospital nurse unravels shocking episodes that happened in Karthika’s life.

Who Karthika is and what actually happened to her form the rest of the crux.

In most of the investigative thrillers, the needle of suspicion keeps moving from one person to another to keep the audience enthralled. This film, too, follows the same pattern with an unexpected twist towards the climax. However, it wasn’t gripping enough as the narrative was too flat and clumpsy. Karthika’s tale is the heart of the film as the entire first half is about her being searched by the biggies. However, half-way down the film, the writer reveals Karthika’s story at one-go without letting us empathise with her character. If Karthika’s story had been revealed in parts as and when the investigation progresses, it would have surely created an impact.

The film also touches upon surrogacy and how people are being exploited. Though the idea is interesting, the writer misses out on something that doesn’t let us enjoy this thriller to the fullest.

Though Kathir doesn’t have much scope in the first half, his character gets stronger as the film progresses. He has performed really well in the pre-climax sequences. Pavithra Lakshmi did a decent job and made justice to the role that’s given her. Anandhi’s performance as Karthika is quite intense and something to watch out for. If the writing had had some depth in it, we would have been able to connect with the character and its plight.

Also, Natty’s performance as Sethu was interesting enough to hold the audience throughout. The background score really helped to elevate certain moments which would have otherwise been flat. The techinical aspects of the film was quite decent and everyone did their part well.

Overall, Yugi is interesting in bits and pieces. But then, it fails to deliver as a whole.

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