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Window Seat

Window Seat Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Window Seat Movie Review : A whodunit that is laced with many twists

Plot: Raghu, a loner musician, works at a lounge owned by Anjali. He is also in love with a girl who he spots daily from his window seat in the train. When he chances upon her murder one day from the same seat, he tries to be a Good Samaritan and to help her, but ends up in a maze of mystery and confusion.

Review: Window Seat marks the directorial debut of actress Sheetal Shetty. There were suspicions whether or not her film is based on The Girl On The Train, but barring a scene or two, there is nothing that ties it to that. Instead, this ends up being a psychological thriller that unravels with different twists, some predictable and some not. It is a novel watch.

The film begins with what seems to be like a murder scene, following which one gets to meet the protagonist Raghu, a loner singer, who works for Anjali, who owns a lounge. The latter fancies him, but Raghu is in love with a mystery girl he spots daily from his window seat from the train. When he spots her being killed from the same window, he wants to help her, but ends up being embroiled in a story that has more questions than answers. Will he succeed in understanding the truth?

Some of the best scenes in the film do not have the protagonists, but the police officers who are trying to help Raghu out. We get to see a rough and tough cop, who cares for nothing and is brutal, unlike the over-the-top women police officers often seen in Kannada films. The film also has some beautiful visuals that showcase the beauty of interior Karnataka, while the soundtrack is the other big win. The music and background score sets a rather interesting tone to the film.

Window Seat takes its pace to unfold and when things begin to unravel, the story travels quickly. The casting is nearly perfect. Nirup Bhandari looks his best and has given one of his best performances so far. Amrutha Iyengar shines too, and excels in emotional scenes. The other performer who makes a mark is Lekha Naidu as the cop, who is a great find and should get more roles after this. Suraj from Comedy Khiladigalu is entertaining as her sidekick. P Ravi Shankar in a cameo is a delight in his Abdul Kalam like look.

Window Seat is not a regular masala film, nor does it fall in the conventional woman-director stereotype either. It tries to be edgy and gives you a thriller experience, and nearly succeeds on most counts.

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