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Wheelchair Romeo

Wheelchair Romeo Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Wheelchair Romeo Movie Review : A different love story that banks on dialogues for the gallery

Plot: Tetraplegic Ullas leads life to its fullest potential, by owning his film and helping others. When he realises that he wants to fulfill his sexual needs, he encounters Dimple, a visually-impaired sex worker. Here begins an unusual love story between these two. Will they find their happily ever after?

Review: Wheelchair Romeo is a love story that has two differently-abled people as protagonists. The film has been rated A because of its dialogues that are loaded with double entendres and some of its content that deals with sex workers and their lives. The filmmaker has tried to share a tale of hope and romance in the lives of people who are differently abled. For most of its part, the film works as it plays to the gallery with its dialogues and humour. The second half, though, is derailed with a plot that is stretched with unnecessary drama.

The film begins with the introduction of the central characters, especially Ullas, who is motivated by his loved ones to not give up on his life and pursue all his dreams. When he seems to have achieved all his professional goals at the age of 29, he realises he also needs to satisfy his sexual urges. He expresses his desire to fulfill them with the help of a sex worker. This is where a series of misadventures and a romance begin, as he falls in love with a sex worker.

The film tries to have some virtues in place by showcasing the plight of sex workers and also the underlying message of hope in their lives. But this gets faded with tons of misogynistic writing and sexually-loaded content, and the film ends up being just another one of those romantic comedies that is filled with adult humour. The principal cast does a good job. The dialogues serve the purpose too, but can be a bit too much, and they take precedence over the pace of the film.

Wheelchair Romeo showed promise of a different film that could have had a different take, but it ends up falling prey to the commercial necessities. This film will still appeal to the gallery, as it gives them the kind of humour that they’d expect for a quick laugh. If unhealthy fast food is your craving rather than a wholesome meal, then this might just make the cut for you.

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