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Vivaha Avahanam

Vivaha Avahanam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Vivaha Avahanam Movie Review : A story with no life

Story: Young lovers commit suicide when their parents don’t agree to their marriage. But when the families face big troubles since the tragedy, they resort to desperate measures to change their circumstances

Review: Swati (Nitaarah Nadhine) and Kuttu (Niranj S) fall in love, but their families are arch-rivals because of opposing political inclinations. The young lovers’ unsuccessful attempt to get married in a temple with the help of Kuttu’s uncle (Sudhi Koppa) and other friends, doesn’t pan out, leading them to take the extreme step of committing suicide. Following this tragedy, both the families face several problems in life, and Kuttu’s father Bhaskaran consults an astrology who convinces him that the unhappy souls of both children will take revenge. The remedy is to marry their souls, which makes for funny and serious situations in the story.

While the message is meaningful and thought-provoking in the Sajan Alummoottil directorial, Vivaha Avahanam, which is apparently ‘based on real events’, moves at a snail’s pace in the first half and you never feel a connection with the performers.

Niranj has a way to go to become a refined actor, and Nitaarah, who is also the scriptwriter, fares better than him. Alexander Prashant and Zhinz Shan as fathers and rival party men do a good job.
– V Vinod Nair

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