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Visudha Mejo

Visudha Mejo Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Visudha Mejo Movie Review : A love story that fails to connect

Story: Mejo is a straightforward guy and when his childhood friend Jeena returns after her higher studies, Mejo slowly starts developing feelings for her

Review: Mejo (Dinoy Poulose), an innocent, straightforward child, has many shortcomings compared to other kids his age. His mother died of a dog bite when he was in school, which makes introverted and afraid of dogs. Jeena (Lijo Mol Jose), with whom he has a mutual fondness, and Ambros (Mathew Thomas) are his only friends.

Jeena goes to Chennai for her higher studies and Mejo starts working in a firm as a video editor. When she comes back to the village, they renew their childhood friendship, and slowly Mejo starts developing feelings for her. What happens when he reveals it to her one day makes the rest of the story; will Jeena accept his proposal or reject him since he’s unlike other young men.

Vishuda Mejo is a simple love story with a straightforward protagonist, that we don’t see nowadays. With his shyness and inferiority complex, he reminds you of film characters from four decades back, with complexes and insecurities. It is with Jeena’s help that he overcomes this to a certain extent. Mejo’s character has been done quite convincingly by Dinoy Poulose, though the character’s shift to a darker personality wasn’t handled convincingly. At the same time the movie has been taken forward by the female lead, Lijo Mol Jose, who after her commendable performance in Jai Bhim, plays a village belle with freshness and lovability.

The best part of the movie is Jomon T John’s cinematography, he has beautifully adapted Kochi’s waterfront villages, and again Kochi shines under Jomon’s camera work. Kiran Antony’s direction fails to appeal and a lack of connection with the main character is the major drawback of the movie. The songs are quite nice and will remain with you for a while. This romance fails to appeal as it lacks a convincing script and acting.
– V Vinod Nair

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