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Vishu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Vishu Movie Review : A decent attempt that falters with on screen execution

The film opens with Vishwanath Malwankar aka Vishu (Gashmeer Mahajani) handing his resignation to his boss. Soon, the viewer is introduced to the reason behind this – Vishu is no longer excited to work there and doesn’t believe in continuing just for the sake of money. This brief introduction gives us a peek into Vishu’s personality, something that’s backed by his friends and colleagues’ statements throughout the film. This is a guy who is good at heart, believes in helping people and lives life on his terms.

But every story has a twist. For Vishu, it comes with the entry of Aarvi, his boss at another workplace. Aarvi is the polar opposite of Vishu. She is extremely practical and straightforward. The only similarity between Vishu and Aarvi as characters is that they speak their mind. As any rookie love story buff would tell you, Vishu falls for Aarvi, who, by the way, is set to get married soon. What follows is not very hard to predict.

Since the Indian audience has grown up on romantic movies, it’s very hard to make a love story that’s not predictable. But what can make such a film stand out are performances, good execution and a plot twist. Vishu has two out of the three.

Gashmeer and Mrinmayee is a fresh, first-time pair for the viewers. Both actors come from different schools of acting but that works well for their characters. While they are decent in their performances, the characters are written in such a way that they don’t make a lasting impact. Another cast member who holds your attention in her brief role is Aetashaa Sansgiri with her easy and carefree portrayal.

The post-interval part of Vishu is something that stops the film from taking a nosedive on the runway. With beautiful visuals of the Malwan region and a relatively better execution compared to the first half, director Mayur Shinde manages to hold your attention. The climax is where the twist in the tale comes in. It’s a mystery that’s well kept throughout the film, and although it has a certain impact on the viewer, this twist comes in a tad late and doesn’t add a lot to the film in its entirety.

To sum it up, Vishu is a decent attempt that falters with the execution on screen. Watch this one if you are fans of either, or both of the leads.

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