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Vijayanand Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Vijayanand Movie Review : A biopic that speaks of just one side of the story

Plot: Vijayanand is the biopic of businessman-turned-politician, Dr Vijay Sankeshwar. The film shows the rise of an ordinary man from North Karnataka.

Review: The film opens with Vijay Sankeshwar (Nihal Rajput) bringing home a semi-automatic printing machine against his father BG Sankeshwar’s (Ananth Nag) wishes, thus establishing himself as a hot-headed, strong man. The story revolves around Vijay’s journey – from taking care of a printing press to starting his business with a single truck to the establishment of the successful fleet of trucks. A part of this journey includes Chandramma (Vinaya Prasad) his mother, Lalitha (Siri Prahallad) his wife and son Anand Sankeshwar (Bharath Bhopanna). Actor Ravichandran appears in a cameo.

The first half of this film is engaging and the art direction by Anil Kabir, that takes you back in time, is impressive. Music by Gopi Sundar is aptly used. Keerthan Poojari has brought magic to the screen through his lighting and frames. The second half, however, lacks tempo as the screenplay lags and loses grip. Playing Vijay Sankeshwar in this film probably required more preparation by Nihal, who still manages to impress in bits. Bharath looks promising as Anand Sankeshwar. Ananth Nag is impressive as BG Sankeshwar.

What the film does lack is the balance that a biopic offers as this one tends to lean towards becoming a hagiography. The film only talks about the rise of Vijay Sankeshwar, and does not shed any light on the grey areas of his life, including some of the incidents, which are known to the general public. The screenplay could have been better with some more cinematic elements. Director Rishika Sharma has tried her best to make the film interesting.

Vijayanand is a one-time watch if you are a fan of biopics or if you want to know more about Vijay Sankeshwar.

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