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Victoria : Ek Rahasya

Victoria : Ek Rahasya Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Victoria : Ek Rahasya Movie Review : A good watch if you like horror films

Review: Victoria is a visually stunning film that embodies grandeur from the first minute. The film, entirely shot abroad, introduces a different tone to the horror story.

Ankita and Siddharth (Sonalee and Aashay Kulkarni) are a seemingly normal couple that have arrived on vacation to Hotel Victoria in Edinburgh. The surprisingly empty property sets a beautiful yet haunting backdrop. Ankita, who suffers from panic attacks, starts sensing a presence in the abandoned halls.

While her husband initially brushes her concerns off, he notices something off about the owner – Adhiraaj (Pushkar Jog). Things spiral as a ghost haunts Ankita and Siddharth uncovers a scary truth about the hotel’s history.

The film is visually distinct from other horror films in the industry. Victoria sees excellent application of light and sound design that add a lot to the experience. Directors Virajas Kulkarni and Jeet Ashok pay homage to classic horror films through this film.

There are two things that mar an otherwise perfect film experience. First is the staggering overuse of the blur effect, with the subject being entirely out of focus in many scenes. Secondly, the plot seems forced to be stuck between a horror story and a thriller, with character development taking a backseat to jump scares.

All things said, Victoria is still a good watch for this weekend. Grab your friends and tuck in for a night of mild horror.

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