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Varaal Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Varaal Movie Review : A trite political thriller

Kerala CM Achuthan Nair (Prakash Raj) and his Leftist party are now preparing for their third consecutive term in the Kerala Assembly. At the same time, the high command is planning a young face for the party. While the Opposition reels under pressure of not having a person for the CM’s post for the upcoming elections, the high command in Delhi proposes the name of David John Medayil (Anoop Menon) a rich businessman and politician.

With his good work and money power, David has a good following across society. The entire party’s Kerala cadre does not want David to become CM, and conspire against him, while he meets all the leaders to get ahead of all the other bigwigs. In the midst of this, he was kidnapped. Who kidnapped David and what was the motive behind it? Is it political or any personal rivalry that makes the rest of the movie?

Amid building up the character of David and showing political and casteist maneuverings when elections come up in Kerala, the audience isn’t bored, but there’s nothing new for the viewer in dirty political games. Prakash Raj’s getup and mannerisms resemble the current Chief Minister, and as usual, he makes his role standout with his acting skills, though he could have been dubbed which would have been icing on the cake. Scriptwriter and actor Anoop Menon’s David John Medayil is a tailor-made character carried in his way. Madhuri Braganza, Priyanka Nair, Ranji Panicker, and Harish Peradi, all were good with their respective characters. Many actors, from Edavala Babu to Sai Kumar, appear in small roles, which is a bit surprising to see.

Anoop Menon’s script doesn’t have much to offer, and the crisp editing, nice cinematography, and loud BGM can’t save the movie. You don’t feel any connection with the characters, and while you are waiting for the thrilling suspense at the end, it ends in a whimper.
– V Vinod Nair

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