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Vaalvi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Vaalvi Movie Review : An intriguing thrill-com with interesting characters

Review: Vaalvi is the type of film that is difficult to write about. Not because there’s nothing to say, but because there’s a lot to and you can’t say it without revealing the twists in the plot.

A thriller-comedy, or ‘thrillcom’ as the makers of Vaalvi put it, has rarely been attempted in Marathi cinema. This is a genre where the film is a thriller, but the situations are such that comedy is inevitable. So we have four main characters in this Paresh Mokashi directorial – Aniket (Swapnil Joshi), his wife Avani (Anita Date-Kelkar), Aniket’s girlfriend Devika (Shivani Surve) and a character played by Subodh Bhave. Before we get to the plot, let’s talk about the content and timing of the trailer. The makers strategically released the trailer just nine days before the release date and didn’t reveal much beyond Aniket and Avani planning to kill themselves and Aniket having an extramarital affair with Devika. This did exactly what it should have – generated buzz around the film while keeping the thrill intact. Many questions come to mind. Do Aniket and Avani die? What is the plan? Does the plan succeed? What’s Subodh Bhave’s role in the film? All these are answered in the film.

Vaalvi is a breath of fresh air in an industry that largely banks on love stories and dramas. The film takes its time to build the premise and the first half goes into that. IT’s the second half that is beautifully executed – it’s pacy, it’s funny and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. A special mention for the editing of this film. Scenes are long enough to pull you in, but swiftly cut to avoid any predictions. That said, the film does slip at a place or two, especially when an additional character is brought in for some diversion. But it is quick to come back on track.

The casting is unusual, with all actors being cast in roles that are completely opposite to what they are known for. Swapnil and Subodh stand out in their scenes together. Anita Date is convincing and Shivani packs a punch. For a director known for films like Elizabeth Ekadashi and Harishchandrachi Factory, this is a different zone and Paresh handles it with panache. The story is the hero here and the actors play their parts effectively.

Which brings us to the most important question – why is the film titled Vaalvi? Well, that’s a question that deserves to be answered in the cinema hall. Go watch this one if you love a little bit of thrill, interspersed with dark humour.

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