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Vaaitha Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Vaaitha Movie Review : Vaaitha is an emotional social drama that deserves a watch

Of late, many directors have been making films that are quite vocal about caste disparities and social injustice. While some stories open up discussions, a few affect us deep down. Director Mahivarman’s Vaaitha lies somewhere between these two ends of the spectrum. It’s an emotional story of injustice and how the loopholes in the judicial system affect the life of an innocent laundry worker and his family.

The film starts with an accident, in which Appusamy (Mu Ramasamy), an elderly laundry worker, gets injured. One of the local politicians advises their family to seek compensation from Anbazhagan, a guy from a privileged community who was involved in the accident. As the victim belongs to an oppressed community, Anbazhagan and his father Muthusamy hesitate to even solve the issue amicably. They file a bike theft case on Appusamy and even police officials abuse the old man’s son Vicky (Pugal Mahendran) for no reason. This forces Appusamy and his family to fight for justice in court. However, greediness and the caste pride among people involved in the case put their life in misery.

Though the plot looks very simple, the writer’s idea to talk about caste politics around a simple accident is laudable. The events that he builds right from the first scene are organic and never seem out of context.

The writing is so good that it makes us empathise with the central character, who becomes a victim of the evils in our society. The only problem here is that it takes time for us to get used to the atmosphere that he builds. Too many characters are brought in and some, including Nassar’s character, don’t have much purpose. When we think that Nassar’s character would bring in some light in Appusamy’s life, it is not the case.

The romance between Pugal Mahendran and Powlen Jessica, which feels forced, spoils the flow of the narrative. However, Powlen Jessica’s performance is very good and she does justice to her role. While the makers get most of the casting perfectly, they could have concentrated more during post-production as the lip-sync goes missing in many places.

The climax sequence, in which Appusamy emotes facing the camera, hits us hard. The idea to tell a parallel story of a deaf-and-dumb woman and her grandson is brilliant. The cinematography and music are also apt for the film, even elevating a few sequences to the next level, making this social drama worth a watch.

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