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V3 Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

V3 Movie Review : Well-intentioned film let down by cliches, predictability

V3 Movie Synopsis: Filmmakers often tend to use sexual abuse as a tool to dramatize events and evoke emotions in viewers. Though the intentions are mostly good, staging such sequences often might normalize the horrendous act they are dealing with. That said, V3 (Vindhya Victim Verdict), directed by Amudhavanan, revolves around the encounter of five youngsters who are believed to have raped and murdered an innocent girl.

V3 Movie Review: While there are a few intriguing moments, the narrative is tad slow and the emotional sequences fail to hit us hard enough.

The film begins human rights commission taking up the case of five youngsters who are encountered by the police department for allegedly raping and murdering an innocent girl, Vindhya (Paavana) . They appoint Sivagami (Varalaxmi), an ex-IAS officer, to interrogate the officials in-charge of this encounter and find out what had actually happened to Vindhya, the rape victim.

What follows is a series of revelations that shock Sivagami and the parents of the youngsters who died in the encounter.

V3 neither tries to be an emotional drama nor an investigative thriller. While we think Sivagami is going to unravel something big, all she does is listening to the confessions of people who are affected by the incident. This continues, continues and continues forever.

The sequences and the events that unfold are uninventive and doesn’t let us connect with the characters involved. The final revelations aren’t startling enough as the staging in the initial sequences itself give us a hint on what the writer is upto. A few sequences in the second half, where the victim’s father and his younger daughter Viji (Ester Anil) narrate their plight is heartmelting though.

If Sivagami’s interrogation scenes had been innovative and engaging, the film would have fared well. Varalaxmi’s screen space is very minimal and there’s no scope for her to perform. She’s done justice to the role that’s been offered to her. Both Ester Anil and Aadukalam Narein have delivered their best.

Allen Sabastin’s music and Siva Prabhu’s cinematography have complimented the film well. V3 is a well-intentioned film but destroys itself due to predictability and drab execution.

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