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Ullasam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Ullasam Movie Review : A pleasant, light-hearted caper

Story: Two youngster meet on a train journey from Ooty to Mettupalayam, but they don’t exchange names or anything about themselves. Will they learn more about each other?

Review: Harry (Shane Nigam) and Nima (Pavithra Lakshmi) bump into each other on a train ride from Ooty to Mettupalayam, but his jokes and mannerisms fall flat with her. However, midway through the journey, they happen to come off the train and are stuck with each other. As they explore the beautiful locales of Ooty, Nima starts to like Harry, but they have decided to have a good day, but not talk about their past or future, or even reveal their names. The next day, with heavy hearts, they part. Who is Nima and why she had to to leave forms the rest of the story.

The film has a touch of Shah Rukh Khan-Rani Mukherji film Chalte Chalte, with Harry’s carefree personality. There is some sadness haunting him, but he puts on a cheerful face. Shane portrays the character with ease, and comes off as a lovable, boy next door. He also carries off the fight scenes well. Debutant Pavithra Lakshmi looks refreshing on screen and she emotes well. Ambika as the homestay owner and Aju Varghese as her son have done their parts convincingly. Basil Joseph as Shane’s friend gives some fun moments. Deepak Parambol and Renji Panicker are also good in their parts.

New director Jeevan Jojo manages to provide pleasant relief from the thrillers abounding in Malayalam cinema nowadays, with good emotional scenes, beautiful locations and even the fights. This movie feels like a gentle breeze, it takes you back to love stories of the 80s. The movie moves without a lag, though it is a bit lengthy. Shaan Rahman’s music is an asset to the movie, the same way Gopi Sundar’s BGM goes well with the story and situation, never giving a feeling of an overload of instruments.

Swaroop Philip’s camera captures the natural beauty of Ooty nicely; foggy mornings or late night skies and intermittent rains. In the second half, Palakkad and Kochi are also shot beautifully.

Don’t expect too much, but this movie provides a nice, light-hearted break, and the lead actors and Swaroop’s camera work make it worth a watch.

V Vinod Nair

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