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Two Men

Two Men Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Two Men Movie Review : A uninteresting ride

Story: An emotional drama and road movie mixed in one, on the lives of a businessman and driver based in the UAE

Review: UAE-based big-shot businessman Sanjay Menon (Irshad Ali) is reeling under severe debt, following the collapse of his business empire. All those who helped him were also affected by his downfall. Madai Sreedharan (Renji Panicker) and Sony (Midhun Ramesh) all were facing the same situation. Driver Abukka (MA Nishad) is struggling to save his daughter’s marriage as her husband demands more money. The second half – different from the first half – is about how Abukka gives Sanjay Menon a lift in his small load carrier and what ensues.

Set in UAE, this is probably a first of its kind in Malayalam cinema, with two kinds of treatment to one story before and post interval. The first half is portrayed like an emotional drama, while the second half is almost like a road movie.

Director K Satheesh has successfully created a suspenseful build-up in the second half. Irshad Ali and MA Nishad compete with each other in their performances; you see a different avatar to Irshad, who excels as a failed businessman, feeling mentally disturbed. MA Nishad puts up an equally good performance as a sincere, god-fearing driver, and desperate father, and someone who turns feisty when he is pushed.

The film, however, fails to make an impact, with too much happening in the first half and the connecting thread being too weak and confusing. Also, it feels too long. Except for Nishad and Irshad, you won’t feel any connection with any of the characters.

The cinematography is good, with the experience of a long eventful drive through the desert.
– V Vinod Nair

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