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Trivikrama Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Trivikrama Movie Review : A formulaic story that seems a little dated

Plot: Vikram, a rough and tough middle-class guy, falls in love with Trisha, an ahimsa-loving Jain girl. When things seem to be going their way, Vikram’s dark past is revealed, causing a crack in their relationship. Can the two unite?

Review: Trivikrama marks the debut of Vikram Ravichandran as a leading man. The film, like most star-son vehicles, is a mix of action, songs, comedy and romance. The problem with these films is finding the right mix of these varied emotions. This is where it goes a little awry for Trivikrama, too, as Vikram’s best efforts also aren’t enough to salvage the story that ends up seeming longer than its run time, and flawed.

The story begins with an introduction to Vikram, who is the son of a righteous government servant. He has a violent streak in him when he sees wrong doings. He spots Trisha, someone who doesn’t even let ants die and is an ahimsa-practicing, innocent Jain girl. What happens when this tiger and deer fall in love? Can they find their happily ever after in this human world that seems more cruel than the jungle?

The basic premise of Trivikrama is quite nice on paper. There are a few sequences that stand out too, be it the action, songs or comedy. But these are just some in a story that seems quite dated in its approach and does have some unnecessary fights, songs and sequences that ends up making the film seem much longer than its actual length.

Trivikrama is a film that looks good and has some great locations. But the contrived storyline proves to be Achilles’ heel. There are a few good songs. The second half has some songs inserted that might look great, but hinder the momentum of the narrative. Had those been taken out, this could have been a far more tighter story that could have had better scope for this story to hit bull’s eye.

Vikram Ravichandran dances, fights and charms with his acting abilities and shows a lot of promise. Akanksha Singh looks good and dances well, but seems to be a misfit in certain crucial scenes that needed her to perform well. Thulasi Shivamani, Suchendra Prasad, Chikkanna, Jayaprakash, Rohit Roy and Sadhu Kokila impress in their limited roles. Trivikrama could still appeal to those who want the formulaic romantic storyline with regular doses of action and songs. But if you are looking for something more or different, it might disappoint.

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