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Trikona Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Trikona Movie Review : Trikona teaches patience… and you’ll need it

Patience is an important virtue in a man’s life, as it makes accepting and moving forward easy. This is easier said and done as this virtue is acquired and takes a lot of time. But with patience in one’s armour, one can overcome all situations and this is what Trikona tries to narrate.

At any given point of time, humans encounter many problems and it is important to understand how one crosses those hurdles and addresses them. In Trikona, one gets to see three different generations encounter a similar issue en route to Mangaluru from Bengaluru and how each of them faces the same. Among these three couples, the couple played by Lakshmi and Suresh Heblikar are the epitome of patience. Achyuth Kumar plays the embodiment of ego, while Raj Veer, the youngest of the lot, is more hot-blooded and impulsive. The film is about which of the three generations is able to overcome the problem.

The idea behind Trikona is nice, but the filmmakers seem to have taken a really long route to explain this story that could have been narrated crisply. The problem that the protagonists face is a little absurd and one wonders if the makers could have let logic take the better of them and chosen a more believable antagonist rather than a monster that is straight out of some fantasy tale. Cinema is a magical medium and this was a story that had a lot more scope in its narrative.

The crux of the three lines of the story include dealing with a problem with patience, ego and impulsive power. The filmmakers have chosen a good cast to embody these. Lakshmi and Suresh bring to life their track with their dialogues and expressions. Achyuth is brilliant in his egotistical avatar, while Sudharani lends a lot of grace to her story. Raj Veer holds your attention as the angry, young man.

The story seems to be made with good intent, but it lacks the entertainment quotient. While the film talks about patience, one requires that patience to watch this film unfold. The technical team, though, has delivered what is required to complement the story.

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