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Trahimam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 1.0 / 5

Trahimam Movie Review : Reminds one of 90s potboiler crime drama

Trahimam story: Champa is a newlywed labourer in Rajasthan’s Dholpur village, where her employers and policemen gangrape her. As the culprits are directly related to the local MLA, Veer Pratap Rana, they go scot free until a brave female SP steps in to bring the rape survivor justice.

Trahimam review: In the opening scene, a gangster in Bharatpur is shown escaping after killing three policemen when the SP Arya (Kavita Tripathi) nabs him. Soon, news flashes that he died while trying to escape from the police van, and the media alleges it was a fake encounter. SP Arya refutes the accusation but it’s apparent that she’s doling out her own brand of justice.

The story then moves to Dholpur where a corrupt MLA, Veer Pratap Rana (Pankaj Berry), is plotting against getting rid of three dubious criminals who have funded his elections and try to bully him into preventing an honest cop from busting their illegal businesses. Then comes the third and main plot where a labourer Ballu gets his new bride Champa (Arshi Khan) work at his construction site, where she is raped by one of her employers, his cousin and super-boss, Raghav (Ramit Thakur), and a battery of corrupt cops.

Since Raghav is Veer Pratap’s nephew and the other culprits are also in cahoots with him, Champa cannot hope for justice. However, SP Arya is transferred to Dholpur and the fearless cop prioritises this case to bring all the villains to the book. A courtroom drama ensues where a powerful lawyer (Ekta Jain) gets them off the hook. But then comes the surprise ending.

Directed by Dushyant Pratap Singh, the movie suffers from a slipshod screenplay where none of the tracks are developed completely. The writer and director are too invested in creating a scenario of power politics, corruption and murders, and one incident occurs after the other, making the film a mishmash of subplots. Full of tropes, it will remind one of the formula Bollywood fare of the 90s.

Arshi Khan as Champa and Kavita Tripathi as SP Arya perform earnestly. Senior actors Pankaj Berry, Mishtaq Khan and Adi Irani play their parts well, though their characters are cliched and loud. The opening title track by Piyush Ranjan is energetic and has good beats.

It has a short runtime of 74 minutes, which at least makes it a pacy watch. Otherwise, there isn’t much in the film to write home about.

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