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Tootu Madike

Tootu Madike Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Tootu Madike Movie Review : A comedy of errors that entertains, mostly

Plot: A stolen ancient figurine becomes the crux of this comedy of errors that gets people right from a politician and his henchman to residents of a slum involved in this comedy of errors. Who ends up winning in this quirky fight for riches?

Review: A comedy of errors that revolves around stolen goods always makes for good content on screen. There are quirky characters, some funny moments and the climax often ends up being a competition of one upmanship. Tootu Madike has all those ingredients and has some good moments, making it a decent watch with crazy characters with equally wacky names.

The film is all about a stolen ancient figurine that is worth crores and how a politician and a smuggler’s plot to sell it goes haywire when a host of oddball characters end up being a part of this mission and everything goes awry. From young kids to drunken slum dwellers to two-timing henchmen in the politician’s coterie, one sees all kinds of people and there’s a love story inserted in too.

The writing of the story is clever and there are several gags that keep one entertained. But in this quest to keep everything about characters outsmarting one another, the story ends up being a tad too complex in the second half and loses focus at times, but the climax makes up for that eventually.

The ensemble cast is well put together and everyone does a good job, be it the lead actors, the antagonists or the comedians. The child actors deserve a special mention. Tootu Madike ends up being a fun ride, if you are in the mood for a quirky comedy.

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