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Tirsaat Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 1.5 / 5

Tirsaat Movie Review : Actors surprise, but the movie fails

Well, it seems there’s no escaping the similar sounding and looking love stories from Marathi filmmakers. Tirsaat is another addition to this unending list of romantic Marathi films with a rural setting. The formula is simple and repetitive- a boy falls for a girl, exchange of sweet gestures begin, then comes the twist in the tale in the form of the parents or the village goon or with one of the two not reciprocating the love, things change, but ultimately it’s a happy ending for all.

Tirsaat begins with Nilya (Omkar Yadav) suffering a heartbreak, as the girl he loves is set to marry someone else. Nilya’s friend Balu (Niraj Suryakant) convinces him that he’ll find love again. The story then turns to the main characters- Balu and Sami (Tejaswini Shirke). Balu is madly in love with Sami but hasn’t confessed it to her. He takes the help of Nilya and their mutual friend Mani (Pallavi Ghule) to tell Sami about his feelings, hoping she understands and reciprocates the love. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Sami has certain criteria that her prospective partner must fit into and Balu fits in none of these. This rejection hits Balu hard. He loses his zeal to live life and becomes suicidal. His father helps him out of this phase and motivates him to do well in life. Things start changing as Balu starts focusing on work. But will he be able to win Samis trust and love?

There’s nothing out-of-the-box or novel in this film’s story or execution. It’s a simple story that unfolds in a linear way. The wedding song is one thing that stands out.

The young actors, mostly first-timers, are surprisingly effortless. Not that they deliver hard-hitting performances, but the ease with which they do what is expected of them is commendable. Barring this, Tirsaat offers nothing new to the viewer.

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