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Thurthu Nirgamana

Thurthu Nirgamana Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Thurthu Nirgamana Movie Review : An attempt to find closure to death

Plot: Vikram, at 32, finds himself dead in a morgue. When he gets the chance to relive his last three days to make up for all that he has left unfulfilled, does he make the most of it?

Review: There have been films made that speak about the concept of life and death. Rama Rama Re happens to be one such. Thurthu Nirgamana is another attempt that tries to define living, dying and closure in between. The film is not your regular entertainment fare, but it is a beautiful jigsaw puzzle that joins together to form a philosophical note that is not preachy.

The film begins with a dramatic note, where we are introduced to our protagonist Vikram, who is dead and in a morgue at 32. When he gets a chance to relive his last three days on a time loop, one witnesses that he leads a rather mundane existence. Does he manage to make the most of this situation and reform his ways?

What if one got to relive their last days and find closure before bidding goodbye? This is the premise that this film is based on. The film has been cleverly crafted with different characters that make the audience question life and death organically. It also poses questions on conditioning, expectations from society and blindly partaking in the rat race. All this make this film stand out.

The film marks the comeback of Suneel Rao and he is the apt choice for this role. Suneel, along with Sudhrani and Achyuth Kumar, gives his best. Raj B Shetty’s character is an interesting juxtaposition to Suneel’s, and the actor-filmmaker does a fine job. Everyone in the ensemble cast – be it Hitha Chandrashekhar, Samyuktha Hegde, Aruna Balaraj, Amrutha Rammoorthi or Nagendra Shaan – are aptly cast and deliver what is required from them.

The second half of Thurthu Nirgamana has some good moments that linger on. The film might seem slow for those who are more used to commercial fare or the OTT content that needs plot twists every few minutes. But if you want to enjoy a film that ensures a wholesome watch to the family that has some content for dinner table conversations, then this is the one.

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