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Thunikaram Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Thunikaram Movie Review : A thrilling plot let by sloppy writing

Thunikaram Movie Review: Be it small or big, crime stories always work, which is why debutants tend to explore this genre for a flying start. Director Baala Sudhan takes a similar route and comes up with a dark thriller that works here and there.

Thunikaram is all about how kids are mercilessly abducted in India and exploited for drugs, prostitution and other illegal activities. Two men cross paths in an ambulance — one is a ruthless child abductor and the other struggles to save his wife.

The film starts with Ravi (Vinoth Logidhasan) abducting a businessman’s four-year-old daughter for ransom based on instructions from his boss. After a successful attempt, Ravi resorts to multiple kidnappings in the city, which, in turn, become a huge sensation. A special task force is assigned to control the crime. We are also introduced to a family of three… Vasu (Bharani) and Semmalar struggle to meet ends while raising their kid. Vasu’s wife dreams of buying a home and when she requests him to take a loan for the same, it turns into an argument, putting Semmalar’s life in danger. Bharani and the kid rush her to the hospital in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, a riot breaks out in the city and Ravi barges into the same ambulance with a kidnapped kid. With his own agenda, Ravi threatens to kill everyone in the ambulance. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

Though the plot that Baala Sudhan has chosen looks promising, it falls flat when it comes to development and treatment. Just when we hope to witness something unique and intriguing, all we are left with is disappointment. There is build-up to a great conflict across the length of the film, but the transition never happens and the scene ends normally. For instance, the ambulance runs out of fuel and when we expect something to happen, the driver comes back with the fuel and the journey continues. Likewise, many events have no purpose at all and have been placed only to increase the duration of the film.

The tension the director creates when Ravi enters the ambulance and the kidnapping sequences during the earlier part of the film are interesting. Though this film has its heart in the right place, it never really takes off as expected and remains content to be an average thriller.

Vinoth Logidhasan’s performance is too good throughout the film. The negative role is apt for him and he makes it look believable. Though Semmalar Annam doesn’t have much scope to perform, she does a decent job in the given time. Bharani, Dennis and Saranya Ravichandran are apt for their characters. However, most of the actors involved in the film could have attended a workshop prior to the shoot to make their performance look a bit more realistic on screen. Composer Shaun Gokul’s songs are decent, but the background score is jarring.

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