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Thugs Of Ramaghada

Thugs Of Ramaghada Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Thugs Of Ramaghada Movie Review : Monotonous cat-and-mouse game

Plot: Samuel (Ashwin Hassan) reaches Ramaghada looking for Aravind (Chandan Raj), who is hiding there after committing robbery and murder, which leads to a battle of ego, revenge and bloodshed.

Review: Touted to be based on a true incident, Thugs of Ramaghada, a crime suspense thriller, revolves around robbery, foeticide, serial killing and a lot of bloodshed. Aravind (Chandan Raj) reaches Ramaghada after committing robbery and murder. An elderly man offers him a lift and allows him to stay at his place for the night. Aravind falls in love with the elderly man’s daughter, Renuka (Mahalakshmi). He even proposes marriage to her. Samuel (Ashwin Hassan), who is tracking the robbery, also ends up in Ramaghada. The appearance of Jennifer, Samuel’s wife (Sharmila Chandrashekhar), in the town speeds up the cat-and-mouse chase.

The film fails miserably in the screenplay itself with nothing new to offer. One needs a strong stomach to digest the unnecessary grotesque violent scenes. In the cat-and-mouse chase, there are a lot of road bumps, with unnecessary twists, flawed plot points and lame build-up scenes.

Ashwin, Chandan and Renuka have given a memorable performance, but it is marred by the predictability of the film. There are many unnecessary scenes. A few fight sequences are shot well. The film has nothing new to offer and gets monotonous after a certain point. The cat-and-mouse chase, dipped in blood, eventually tires the audience. Thugs of Ramaghada can be skipped in the theatres.

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