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Thothapuri Chapter 1

Thothapuri Chapter 1 Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Thothapuri Chapter 1 Movie Review : Jaggesh and Aditi tickle your funny bones

Plot: Ere Gowda (Jaggesh) and Shakeela Banu (Aditi Prabhudeva), who are in a relationship, belong to different religions. The two are the central characters of Thothapuri Chapter 1. Their desire to get married is met with many hurdles.

Ere Gowda is a farmer as well as a tailor. Shakeela Banu works in a bank. Their daily lives revolves around indulging in fun banter with their friends and colleagues. The banter, sometimes, also takes a sly dig at the flaws prevalent in the society. Gowda and Banu love each other and have mutual respect towards each other’s religion. While Gowda is a regular visitor to the local mosque, Banu plays Veena at the Raghavendra swamy temple. There are other impactful characters like house maid Nanjamma, who faces discrimination on a daily basis while doing her job. There is also Donne Biryani Rangamma, who runs a non-veg hotel, while doing her bit to the orphanage. Since she cannot have children of her own, she also adopts a boy from the orphanage. When all is well, Banu suddenly stops visiting the temple. Gowda is clueless and tries to find out the reason, which forms the crux of the story.

Jaggesh’s films come with a ton of double entenders; Vijayaprasad, too, is known for his double-meaning comedy layered with philosophical undertones. And when they come together, one can only expect oodles of fun and Thothapuri Chapter 1 has a plenty of it. Jaggesh is bang on with his comic timing and expressions. Dhananjaya appears only in the climax. One can only hope that he will have more to offer in chapter 2. Suman Ranganath justifies her quiet character. Jaggesh and Aditi’s fun combination works well for the film. The climax of Thothapuri Chapter 1 sets a fitting premise for the second installment.

Go watch Thothapuri as it tickles your funny bones, while also sending out a strong social message.

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