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Thimayya & Thimayya

Thimayya & Thimayya Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Thimayya & Thimayya Movie Review : An emotional tale of 2 Thimayyas

Plot: Junior Thimayya (Diganth Manchale) and Senior Thimayya (Anant Nag) cross paths over selling their ancestral property, which takes them on an emotional journey.

Review: Jr Thimayya (Diganth) and his grandfather Sr. Thimayya (Anant Nag), share a lot of similar character traits. Jr. Thimayya, a happy-go-lucky man, wants to settle down in Lisbon with his girlfriend Sowmya (Shubhra Aiyyappa). So, he plans on selling their ancestral property, “Bengaluru Cafe,” and investing that money in Lisbon. He goes to meet his grandfather and uncle in Madikeri to discuss the same. Jr Thimayya is now tasked with taking care of Snr. Thimayya for 3 months. He agrees to do so and brings his grandfather to Bengaluru, only to discover how erratic his lifestyle is. It is a rollercoaster journey from there. During the course of three months, their equation changes from a love-hate relationship to one of unconditional love. During this, Jr Thimayya decides to reopen Bengaluru Cafe instead of selling it. What happens next is an emotional, fun dive into simple-yet-complicated relationships.

Thimayya and Thimayya are a visual treat. Both Diganth and Anant Nag have performed their roles with ease and won big in emotional scenes. This is their fifth film together, and their crackling chemistry works very well for the film. Ananth Nag deserves a special mention as he makes the audience cry and laugh very easily. Vineeth Kumar’s antics will leave the audience in splits. Andrita and Shubhra have played their parts to perfection. Director Sanjay Sharma, an ad film maker, has made sure the entire film looks rich, colorful, and beautiful. Rukmini Vijaykumar has an important cameo.

Anoop Sileen’s music is a letdown. Also, the film feels too lengthy and could have been shortened by 20 minutes. Overall, it is a feel-good film, and both Thimayyas will leave the audience with a warm, beautiful feeling while walking out of the theatres.

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