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Theerppu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Theerppu Movie Review : Thriller with barely any thrills

Story: Four childhood friends go their separate ways after a major incident in their lives. And after a few years, when three of them plan to get together, but the fourth gatecrashes the event

Review: Abdulla Marakkar (Prithviraj), Ramkumar (Vijay Babu), Kalyan Menon (Indrajith), and Parameshwaran Potty (Saiju Kurup) are thick childhood friends, whose families – including their fathers from different castes, Nair (Srikant Murali), Basheer Marakkar (Siddique), Menon (Shaju KS), and Potty – also seem to share a bond.

Nair and Menon, however, crack a deal with Basheer to sell his sea-facing part of his property to a French company, but their greed makes them conspire against the illiterate Basheer to sell the entire property, including his house to the company. He loses everything and commits suicide. Abdullah nurses the anger from this tragedy as he grows up, mainly towards Ramkumar whose father was the mastermind behind the betrayal. Ramkumar, who is now a successful NRI businessman, plans to get together with Kalyan and Potty for business talks at his lavish, newly built resort, and Abdullah turns up there. What happens forms the rest of the story of Theerppu.

After Kammara Sambhavam, Rathish Ambat comes up with another thriller with a big star cast and a story by Murali Gopy, with a touch of his signature style from the earlier movie, with the main story and flashbacks. His larger-than-the-life character portrayal and the way he handles the story are superb. Murali Gopy’s story, like Tiyaan and others, tells of revenge, a family packed with politics, and intellectual thinking. Camera work by Sunil KS is a fantastic job, with the lavish sets offering a grand experience. BGM by Gopi Sunder is apt for the situation, though in some places it feels too loud.

Prithviraj has done a superb job and is the main USP of the movie. Indrajith, as a police officer, is wasted. Saiju Kurup deserves a special mention and Hanna Reji Koshi too, who plays his wife.

For all the big names though, the movie fails to make the impact we expect. The first half is just about watchable, but the second half lags too much. Some scenes seem like they were inserted forcibly.
– V Vinod Nair

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