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The Warriorr Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

The Warriorr Movie Review : The film struggles to keep the audience engaged

The Warriorr Movie Synopsis: A doctor who faces an evil element in the society transforms himself to uproot it and clean the city.

The Warriorr Movie Review: After almost four years, Lingusamy is back again with yet another action entertainer. But does it really work? Though his intention to make films that he is comfortable with is commendable, he only brings in the same formula both on paper and screen. The Warrior, starring Ram Potheneni in the lead role, does really nothing to engage and excite the audience. The very first introduction scene is nothing short of Tamil cinema template and it only progresses to throw more of these done and dusted templates at us.

The Warrior starts with Sathya (Ram Potheneni) leaving to Madurai to join as a house surgeon in GH. As he gets used to the city, he witness a ruthless killing of a comman man in hands of a dreadful gangster called Guru ( Aadhi Pinnisetty). While he tries to save the victims life as a doctor, Guru’s men spoil his efforts. This angers him and tries to lock horns with Guru. But he is only left to realise that Guru is more powerful and its hard for him to combat Guru as a doctor.

As Sathya understands that he needs a transformation to stand up against Guru, he reinvents himself in a new avatar and comes back to take revenge after two years. What happens next forms the second half of the film.

The Warrior is an action film that should have probably released a decade ago or so for it to have a decent run at the box office. At this juncture, The Warrior looks outdated in many ways, including the dialogues and the action sequences. The film really does less to connect us with the protagonist and antagonist and it only keeps dragging its predictable storyline till the end.

To be honest, the film doesn’t even throw any surprises and follows a mundane approach from the start to the end. However, there were few interesting ideas related to the antagonist’s character arc, however it could have possessed greater depth for the film to work. Casting Aadhi as Guru is one of the good decisions that Lingusamy made but that alone is not enough to save the film. Aadhi’s screen presence in the initial sequences is good to watch and helps us to believe that we have a powerful villain here.

Krithi Shetty plays the role of a an RJ and also as the love interest of Sathya were it seems like she appears and disappears all of a sudden in most part. However she has done a decent job given the scope of the role. Ram Potheneni looks promising in some aspects but he has a long way to go, especially with his dialogue delivery. Akshara Gowda who plays Aadhi’s wife has done a good job.

The film isn’t consistent with its tone and have a few glitches technically. However, it is a decent outing for the whole technical team. DSP songs and bgm help to an extent, atleast to hook the audience. Overall, The Warrior is no different from the usual Lingusamy films and is bearable for a one-time watch.

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