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Thaggedele Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Thaggedele Movie Review : This thriller is not for the faint-hearted

Story: Inspector Chellappa is on the verge of busting the drug mafia in the city and waits for the right moment. Meanwhile, a corporate man gets entangled with the world of drugs and later becomes a suspect in a murder case. Simultaneously, the D-gang from Dandupalyam returns with a vengeance. Who committed the murder? Did the gang get their revenge? How everybody ends up in the same place has to be watched on the screen.

Review: Reminiscing famous dialogue from Pushpa: the rise, Thaggede Le doesn’t seem to hold anything back. Except for the ending, most of the film is showcased in a day, wherein the characters go back to narrate their version of events. Thaggede Le takes off where Dandupalyam 3 left while modern living and drugs are thrown into the mix. Naveen Chandra’s character experiences paradise when a doctor advises his friend to visit paradise, and all three of them do. The movie’s first half is thrilling and steamy, with Naveen meeting Julia, aka Lizy. A blue colour concoction is administered to everyone, sending them into a trance-like state.

Naveen Chandra once again comes up with an impressive performance. Divya Pillai and Ananya Raj did their jobs well. Ravi Shankar as Chellappa played the most significant role in the movie. The other cast includes Naina Ganguly, Raja Raveendar, Naga Babu, Ayyappa Sharma, Pooja Gandhi, Makrandh Deshpande and Ravi Kale. The film, directed by Srinivas Raju, had DoP by Venkat Prasad, music by Charan Arjun and editing by Garry BH.

Unfortunately, even though the actors gave their best, the screenplay could have been better and more engaging. Thaggede Le, directed by Dandupalyam fame Srinivas Raju and featuring Naveen Chandra, Divya Pillai, Ananya Raj, Naina Ganguly and Ravi Shankar, is a mixed bag. High on intense violence, strong language and bold romance, the film manages to entertain and thrill in parts. However, it is not for the faint-hearted.

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