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Tees Maar Khan

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review : Aadi shines in this action-packed masala entertainer

Story: A young boy and a girl from two broken families, escaping domestic violence and inhuman treatment, meet on a fateful night and instantly form a bond promising to help each other. She, being the eldest, provides him with food, and he vows to protect her. He calls her Amma. The boy christens himself Tees Maar Khan (Aadi) after beating up thirty bad men who pass lewd comments at his Amma. For him, she comes first, and their love has no bounds. A lonely police constable adopts these two homeless kids, and they become one family. Amma aka Vasu (Poorna) gets married to Chakri (Sunil). Tees Maar Khan grows into a strong youngster, runs a gym and even does minor settlements in his area. En route to one such settlement, he notices Anaga (Payal Rajput) mimicking his dance moves, falls in love with her, and even joins her college to impress her. Parallelly, Gija (Thakur Anoop Singh), a gangster, controls the entire city and spares no one meddling in his business. But Ranga Rajan (Srikanth Iyengar), the home minister, has other plans and wants to eliminate him at any cost. How did everyone’s paths cross? What are the challenges Tees Maar Khan had to face? How did he become a police officer? Did he triumph in the end?

Review: The audience might notice the film’s impressive production values from the word go. Scenes look rich and tastefully lit up, and for the most part, even the action sequences look neat and well-choreographed without any visible niggles. A big thumbs up to the director, Kalyanji Gogana and his technical team in this aspect. The film had music by Sai Kartheek, editing by Manikanth and cinematography by Bal Reddy.

Talking about the performances by the cast, Aadi Pudipeddi would impress with his style and performance, and the efforts he put into the role, turning macho, nurturing the craft and turning into an action hero, were evident on screen. He even seems to be comfortable going shirtless. Actress Payal Rajput looked beautiful and gorgeous playing his love interest. Her glamour is an asset to the film, but the plot does not allow her character to evolve. Songs featuring the lead pair were well picturised and would raise the mercury level. Poorna in the role of Amma and Sunil as Chakri played their parts to satisfaction in the first half, but in the latter half, Sunil gets into his own and shows shades from his role in Pushpa. Srikanth Iyengar with his variations, Thakur Anoop Singh with his dapper looks and toned body, and Kabir Singh in the role of a don from Mumbai will entertain.

What brings down the film are its not-so-impressive screenplay and routine script. The film could have been more engaging and organic when balancing emotion and elevation. It has all the elements of an action-packed commercial movie, with plenty of action, adequate romance, and a dose of masala. The film impresses with its stellar performances by the cast, good production values, decent cinematography and music, but what doesn’t work in its favour are its mediocre screenplay and routine script. However, irrespective of its drawbacks, Tees Maar Khan will work for the audience looking for an action-packed commercial entertainer.

– Paul Nicodemus

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