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Tamasha Live

Tamasha Live Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Tamasha Live Movie Review : High on theatrics, low on impact

You can like it or hate it, but you can’t ignore the transformation that news presentation has undergone on the small screen. Sanjay Jadhav’s latest offering, Tamasha Live, delves into the dynamics of TV news and a web of controversy by clubbing two ways of presentation – the folk form of tamasha, and the culture of live, breaking news. And all this unfolds in the form of a musical, a first for Marathi cinema.

With 28 songs that are intertwined with the narrative, Tamasha Live truly is a musical journey which unravels through the events surrounding the death of a young dancer, which seems like a suicide at first, but probably isn’t. Ashwin (Sachit Patil in a prominent role after a long time) is a popular news anchor whose claim to fame is his news debate, where no one but Ashwin is allowed to speak. His support for the ruling party of the state earns him acquaintances in many places. Shefali (Sonalee Kulkarni), on the other hand, is a budding reporter who harbours a dream of working for Ashwin. Things, however, don’t turn out for her the way she expects them to. After being insulted and humiliated by Ashwin, Shefali gets a reality check. Fortunately for her, she drives into (literally) a ‘breaking news’ about the death of a young dancer. From there on, there’s no looking back in this game of chess.

Tamasha Live deserves full marks for its concept, a relatively unexplored genre in Indian cinema altogether. Hopefully, the film will pave the way for more such ventures, but better ones. While the conceptualisation is on spot, the film doesn’t succeed in holding your attention. The transition between songs and scenes is noteworthy, but not seamless. Neither succeeds in keeping you hooked. The story of the film has roots in reality. However, it’s a story that would’ve been better executed as a web-series rather than cramming everything in a 2-hour movie.

With an ensemble cast as huge as this one, there’s bound to be limited screen time for all actors. Sonalee shines in her scenes and is consistent, Sachit aces some but fails in others. The supporting cast doesn’t have much to do. However, two people stand out in Tamasha Live – Siddharth Jadhav and Hemangi Kavi. As the narrators of this story, both actors give it their all and their performances are the highlight of Tamasha Live. A special mention to the costume teams of both actors for adding authenticity to their various characters in the film.

Tamasha Live aims to merge news and theatrics to present a current scenario. Kshitij Patwardhan’s writing has some clever lines that hit the mark too. But the film doesn’t make the impact that it wants to and ends up being a story with good potential and average execution.

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