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Taledanda Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Taledanda Movie Review : Sanchari Vijay shines in a powerful role

In the name of development and modernisation, there are hundreds of trees in forests that are being cut for roads. There have been many plays and documentaries that have been made that speak about this topic. This time, director Praveen Kripakar has made it clear through the film Taledanda that the nature versus human conflict is real and they need to co-exist for everything to sustain.
The filmmaker has chosen an intellectually challenged protagonist, who understands the importance of trees and nature, to narrate his story. Irony is that people who know everything unlike the protagonist are often ignorant about such important issues.
The protagonist Kunne Gowda loves nature and embraces the areas that he has grown up in. When the authorities come to cut down trees in his home land in the name of development, he is arrested. But, since he is intellectually challenged, he is not sent to prison but is directed towards undergoing treatment. How does his life change after he undergoes treatment? The story is about what the protagonist does to protect nature and to what extent he goes to show what he believes in.
The film showcases in a simple but effective manner the greed of humankind in the name of politics and development. In the midst of the double standards of these authorities, the director has realistically shown the struggle of the hero who is unlike the people he is fighting against. The film has been shot in some beautiful locations. A lot of the important scenes have been conveyed in a simple yet effective manner using the natural surroundings. The eventual message of conserving nature for a better tomorrow has been showcased in a powerful way through the dialogues and the greenery seen in the visuals.
Sanchari Vijay has lived the character and one gets to see his acting abilities at its best. The other stand out performer is theatre actress Mangala, who makes one wonder why she hasn’t been seen on screen for so long. Chaitra Achar is effective in her role. The other artistes that include B Suresha, Mandya Ramesh, Bhavani Prakash and Ramesh Pandit, are all perfect for their roles. The other hero of the film is cinematographer Ashok Cashyap, who captures the breathtaking visuals beautifully.
Taledanda is a film that will leave one questioning modernisation and development. The filmmaker has effectively conveyed an important topic about conserving nature.

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