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Takatak 2

Takatak 2 Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Takatak 2 Movie Review : If sex sells, then Tatatak 2 sells it with a side of heartfelt stories

Coasting on the commercial success of its prequel, Takatak 2 has been a much anticipated flick among its target audience. A comedy aimed at a college going crowd, this one makes no qualms about what it is – an adult comedy. There are multiple scenes of the leading ladies in bikinis, double entendre jokes and the likes.

The Milind Kavde film starts off with an energetic song that is sure to fill the streets this festival season. Prathamesh Parab as Ganya gives a strong performance. His boyish charm manages to win over the audience. The moments of quiet vulnerability as the leading trio comes to grips with their responsibilities and societal judgment are endearing. Sushant Divekar is hilarious in his gag appearances and Bhoomika Kadam is stunning in her scenes. Akshay and Ajinkya are decent in their performances while Pranali could’ve done better with some polishing of her acting skills.

The stakes are low but the movie manages to maintain a strong narrative albeit peppered with enough ‘daydreams’ to keep the audience engaged. While marketed as an adult comedy, Takatak 2 also highlights the importance of practicing safe sex and tackles certain social issues as well. The fact that the film has recitations of Sant Tukaram’s Abhangs as well as the popular Marathi ‘vyang’ comedy, goes to show how layered the story is.

You can question the content of the film, but the Takatak franchise seems to have cracked the formula for commercial success. If sex sells, then Tatatak 2 sells it with a side of heartfelt stories and lovable characters.

— Anub George

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