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Sugarless Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Sugarless Movie Review : A laugh ride that tries to bring awareness to diabetes

Plot: Venkatesha is an orphan who lives with his set of friends, young and old, and falls in love with Mahalakshmi. Just when he thinks his life seems to have everything going right, he gets to know he has diabetes. How does he deal with it?

Review: Debutant filmmaker Shashidhar penned this story to speak about youngsters dealing with Type 1 diabetes during lockdown, which the producer chose to direct himself. The film was said to bring an entertaining story that also speaks about the disease. While the film is loaded with entertainment, a host of jokes which include double entendres too, one wishes the emphasis on diabetes could have been handled a little more sensitively.

The film begins with the protagonist Venkatesha waking up at a hospital where he gets to know he has diabetes at the age of 28. The story then delves into flashback mode to establish the carefree life of Venkatesh and his gang. It also showcases his ‘sweet’ love story to Mahalakshmi. The story takes a turn when our hero learns he has the silent killer disease, diabetes.

The story has ample gags and comedy to keep the audience in splits. There are some interesting characters apart from the lead actors who ensure the story gets the push. But eventually, the second half seems to deal with diabetes in a not-so-sensitive manner, which takes away the main crux of the story. There are excessive theatrics and melodrama brought in towards the climax, which could have been done away with.

Pruthvi Ambaar is a treat as the lead actor and entertains in every frame. Priyanka Thimmesh does an earnest job. Dattanna, Raaghu Ramanakoppa and Dharmanna Kadur add to the comedy.

Sugarless is entertaining for those who seek those old-school comedies that one saw with actors in the 90s and early 2000s. It definitely makes for a light watch, with good references and homages too.

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