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Soyrik Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Soyrik Movie Review : Soyrik is an offbeat film, compared to mainstream Marathi films

Review: Just a couple of months ago, news of an honour killing wherein an 18-year-old boy killed his sister for marrying against the family’s wishes, shook the state. Similar news, along with reports of families disowning their children for marrying outside their caste or against their wishes repeatedly make us question the system that we all are a part of. While Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat put focus on this problem, National Award winning director Makarand Mane has brought focus back to it with Soyrik. And he’s delivered a brilliant blow to society while doing so.

Mane presents the story of Soyrik through four pillars, or establishments – marriage, couple, family and the administration. The story is so realistic that it shakes the viewer and makes us think hard. The film says a lot, without saying much and Mane uses symbolism to perfection in presenting what he wants to.

A marriage is a union of two families, but there are people who feel that this union has to happen between families whose ‘standards’ match. There are self-respecting families who want to stay true to the society they live in, while there are others who put pride and their standing in the society ahead of everything else. Soyrik brings forth a similar story. A married couple lands at the police station to seek protection from their families who are angry about the couple having eloped. The police officer calls the parents to their police station, but what are his intentions behind this? What happens when the family wants to kill one of its own over this matter? All these questions are answered in the film and it makes for an interesting watch.

The film is technically sound, especially when it comes to the cinematography. Club that with some fantastic performances from Shashank Shende, Kishor Kadam, Chhaya Kadam, Umesh Jagtap, Rajshri Nikam, Shantanu Gangane, Virat Madke and Priyadarshani Indalkar, and you have a treat unfolding on the big screen. A special mention goes to the lead actors, Nitish Chavan and Manashi Bhawalkar, who have delivered outstanding performances in this film. Manasi is an actress to watch out for in the future.

To sum up, Soyrik is an offbeat film, compared to mainstream Marathi films. While it’s a bit stretched and low on pace in parts, the film presents an important topic that makes you question a lot of things and hope for changes in the society.

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