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Sivi 2

Sivi 2 Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 1.5 / 5

Sivi 2 Movie Review : A horror film sequel let down by sloppy writing

Sivi 2 Movie Synopsis: A group of youtubers exploring a haunted asylum have to face the wrath of ghost existing there for years.

Sivi 2 Movie Review: The Tamil film industry has been churning movies belonging to horror genre every other week but only a few of them have been able to generate the expected reaction out of the audience. Sivi 2, directed by Senthil Nathan, tries too hard to frighten viewers but only end up as a badly-made horror film with logical loopholes. The makers, in the very first scene, reveal that the film is inspired by 2018 hit Korean film, Ghonjiam: Haunted Asylum. So we begin watching the film with a lot of expectations, but in the first few minutes we realise that the making is not even close to the teaser of Ghonjiam.

Sivi 2 revolves around a group of young aspiring YouTubers who go on a mission to explore an haunted asylum, which has been abandoned for years. With instructions from their leader, Krishna, they go live on YouTube and even start recording their experiences that they encounter during this expedition. The video becomes a sensation of sorts as more than 10 lakh viewers start watching the show.

While everything goes as planned, trouble begins when they enter the third floor of the Asylum.

It is the same place where Krishna of Sivi (which released in 2007), was admitted. There is a belief that the ghost still lives on him and it might be the reason behind the death of both doctors and patients in the hospital.

Can these young Youtubers escape this adventurous journey or will they succumb to the wrath of the ghost that has possessed the Asylum for years?

Sivi 2 struggles not knowing when to provide the jump scares and dramaticise the moments. The horror sequences looks amateurish and there are many absurd scenes that make the film look funny at times. Even characters that get killed by the spirit in the Asylum turn up as ghosts only to kill others. If the makers would have properly remade the Korean film, Sivi 2 would have probably faired well at the box-office.

The visual language of the film is just inconsistent and spoils the flow. What’s even more shocking is that some scenes in the first half of the film look like an amateur project that was completely shot using a mobile phone. The editing, too, is sloppy disturbing the eyes of the viewers. The dialogues and performances of aspiring Youtubers who walk into the Asylum looks very artificial and doesn’t let us connect with any of these characters. Chaams, a seasoned actor, delivers a neat performance but it doesn’t help the film in anyway.

Jump scares alone cannot make audience fall in love with a horror film. The characters should have a motive and it should connect with the audience personally. The climax sequence and its core idea is decent but the execution is miserable. We feel like none of the scenes were written on paper and it was just shot on the spot. Sivi was a good film in the horror genre but this sequel Sivi 2 doesn’t match its predecessor in any manner.

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