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Sinam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Sinam Movie Review : Doesn’t make you angry but doesn’t leave you fully satisfied either

Sinam Movie Synopsis: Sub-inspector Pari Venkat faces a huge tragedy putting him on an investigation to seek revenge.

Sinam Movie Review: Arun Vijay and his love for cop roles is never ending. Though this film is late by one to two years, we wouldn’t be surprised even if Arun Vijay joins the police forces in real some day. Jokes apart, Arun Vijay pulls it off as a menacing cop convincingly everytime which is his biggest strength inspite of becoming a template. With him playing the cop in most films, we are left searching for variations in the stories he chooses to don the police hat.

Sinam, directed by GNR Kumaravelan, plays out both as an investigative thriller and a revenge drama. Though the film tries its best to hold the audience, it misses out on something that connects us to the characters. Most importantly, the investigative sequences in the second half lack depth and aren’t intriguing enough.

The film starts off with a honest SI Paari Venkat (Arun Vijay) who reprimands a goon in a murder case to take him to court the following day. Meanwhile, we also get to know how Pari met Madhangi (Palak Lalwani) and built this beautiful family with their kid Bujji. Pari, being an orphan isn’t well received at his in-laws place for marrying Madhu without the approval of her father. As an opportunity arises for Pari to reunite with Madhu’s family, a turn of ill fate events lead to a tragedy in his life.

The latter half of the film explores what really happened and how Pari seeks revenge for his loss.

Sinam’s initial setting is quite decent and the mood really helped for us to cope up with the flow. The emotional drama in the first half works to an extent allowing us to get into protagonist’s life. However, as the film progresses, we are left wanting for more engaging sequences that film like this should posses. Sinam, in fact, is not a perfect thriller as it presents very clich├ęd conflict and brings in the age-old resolution for the same. The second half of the film is very predictable and the convenient investigative procedure only makes it an average watch.

One of the highlights in the film is that the director GNR Kumaravelan tries to break a particular stereotype in the second half. Even before we extend our hands to appreciate for the same, he falls victim to another in the process. The last sequence looks preachy and doesn’t really stir the emotions within us.

Though the idea and the intention of the filmmaker is laudable, many events and sequences are forced and doesn’t really add any newness to it.

Arun Vijay’s performance is one of the key aspects of the film and he has done a brilliant job. He holds the film single-handedly and does justice to emotional scenes which comes in the first half. The stunt sequences are terrific and something to watch out for. Palak Lalwani, too, has done justice to her character as Arun Vijay’s wife. Though she appears only in the first half of the film, the entire plot revolves around her character. Palak’s chemistry with Arun Vijay has worked to an extent and she has a charismatic screen presence.

The background score really helped to pull the audience into the film despite its flaws in the second half. However, the cinematography could have been better as it lacked richness in it. Sinam doesn’t make you angry but doesn’t leave you fully satisfied either.

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