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Simon Daniel

Simon Daniel Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Simon Daniel Movie Review : A weak horror story

Story: Simon Daniel, an archaeologist, goes in search of his friend Santhosh who went missing while searching for a hidden treasure in a haunted bungalow estate

Review: Two archaeologist friends Simon Daniel (Vineeth) and Santhosh are on a treasure hunt. When Simon is away, Santhosh goes to a haunted bungalow which belonged to a British couple Gregory and Margaret, who left the place after their little daughter went missing. Apparently, Margaret has hidden a treasure for her daughter in the bungalow.

With a couple of tourists going missing mysteriously at the bungalow or nearby areas, Simon Daniel goes in search of his missing friend and the treasure. On his journey, near the bungalow, he meets documentary filmmaker Stella (Divya Pillai), who says she feels a deep connection with the bungalow and the area. What obstacles does he have to overcome and what does he encounter at the haunted bungalow, where people have reported feeling the presence of Cathy, the couple’s missing daughter?

Sajan Anthony, who wears the dual hats of director and cinematographer, has done the latter job well, beautifully capturing the beauty of the Karadimala area with breathtaking scenery and morning mist. He has also managed to keep up the suspense till the end of the movie, and though it was not an edge-of-the-seat experience, he tells the story nicely. Having said that, the director’s efforts are not enough for the movie to make an impact on the audience; particularly the disconnect of the main actor – Vineeth barely registers fear or any emotion. Divya Pillai is okay, and all other characters are average at their performances. Background music nicely matches the situations. Basically, the weak screenplay sinks the movie.

– V Vinod Nair

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