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Shubhamangala Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Shubhamangala Movie Review : A happy wedding tale

Plot: At Shiva’s (Siddharth Madhyamika) wedding reception, ex-girlfriend Anu (Meghana Gaonkar) returns and secretly proposes marriage. The groom has less than 24 hours to choose a life partner.

Review: It is a big day for Shiva. He is all set to marry Vidya (Hita Chandrashekar) in the next 24 hours. It is a typical arranged marriage setup. Just a day before the wedding, at his wedding reception, his ex-girlfriend Anu walks in and asks him to marry her. Stuck between his hot ex and cute would-be wife, Shiva has very less time to make the biggest decision of his life.

Marriages are made in heaven. Well, one cannot say the same about weddings, especially when speaking about Shiva’s wedding. The entire film takes place in a wedding hall and within 24 hours. It takes off during the wedding reception and culminates with a ‘happy ending’. Apart from the three main characters, there are also several interesting guests who make this film an entertaining watch. One of them being Dileep (Rakesh Maiyya), who is trying his best to find a bride in the wedding. He seems like a representative of all the single, desperate men.

One of the biggest strengths of this film is its beautifully written small characters, who keep the film afloat; especially Shiva’s friends, who represent the mindset of today’s young generation. Director Santhosh Gopal has woven characters taking them from real life, which gives this film a personal touch. It feels as though you are attending a very fun and entertaining wedding of a very close friend.

Siddharth gives a very convincing performance as a man stuck between two women. Hita speaks through her eyes and comes out as a promising actress. Meghana, as a wedding nightmare of every man, fits the role like a hand-in-glove. She has aced the role with grace and perfection. Rakesh has utilised the platform to a full extent. Gopi Deshpande has played a unique role.

The only drawback is the film is slightly slow-paced. Shubhamangala is a simple film with interesting characters, which makes for an entertaining watch.

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