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Shri Balaji Photo Studio

Shri Balaji Photo Studio Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Shri Balaji Photo Studio Movie Review : Big dreams of a small-town lad

Plot: A small-town photographer tries to escape the mundane life and move to the city to earn some name and fame. But his financial situation weighs him down.

Review: Puttu (Rajesh Dhruva) is agitated with his mundane life in a small coastal town and dreams about moving to a city to earn some name and fame. After realising that Mani, who learnt photography from him, is now making big bucks in the city, his desire to leave the town doubles. But the city lights are not as bright as it seems to be.

Rajesh Dhruva, who became a household name after starring in the Agnisakshi serial, has acted and directed this film. He has transformed into the character. He does carry the film on his shoulders, which lags in the first half and takes off well in the second half. The film is extensively shot in and around Honnavara. Mangroves, greenery and rains, small houses, muddy roads and the local dialect transports audience to a new world.

With photographer as the protagonist, the film had a lot of scope to explore cinematography, but it is done only to a certain extent. The background score is influenced by Yakshagana. Ravi Salian, who plays the role of Puttu’s friend, is impressive. Suresh, who is present through out the film, tickles the funny bone. Dialogues are good. There are a lot of pop culture references for a film set in a small town. Humour travels along with the story line. Songs don’t linger on.

Overall, it is a feel-good film, which takes off only in the second half.

-Dheeraj Poyyakanda

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