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Shokiwala Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Shokiwala Movie Review : Shokiwala​

Shokiwala, starring Ajai Rao and Sanajana Anand, is the latest flick to join the growing list of Kannada films that have the Mandya Kannada dialect. The film is set in a village in Mandya.

The story is about a girl, who is the daughter of a village head. She falls in love with a man who leads life on his own terms — something that is seen in many Kannada films. It is only the screenplay that evokes a bit of interest.

The premise of the story is simple. Ajai Rao is yet again seen as Krishna. He is loved by every girl in the village, but he falls in love with Radha (played by Sanjana Anand). Their relationship faces hardships in the form of Narasimhegowda, Radha’s father, who wants her to get married to his brother-in-law.

Everything that Krishna does to marry Radha adds several twists and turns to the storyline, which makes it entertaining in parts. Ajai Rao and Sanajana Anand do their best to give life to their characters. There is a healthy dose of comedy and romantic songs, which makes Shokiwala an interesting watch if you are a die-hard fan of romantic movies.

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