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Shekar Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Shekar Movie Review : A remake that doesn’t disappoint

Story: An alcoholic ex-cop lives a somewhat peaceful life with his pampered daughter. An unfortunate incident forces him to lead an investigation again.

Review: Shekar takes on the task of narrating a story that’s already known to fans of Malayalam cinema. A Telugu remake of Joseph, the film manages to hold its own despite a few tweaks, sticking to the soul of the original.

Sekhar (Rajasekhar) is an ex-constable who has seen his share of ups-and-downs in his personal life. He has a troubled past with his daughter (Shivani Rajasekhar) being the only ray of sunshine. But before he gets too comfortable, life decides to deal him another blow, which shakes up his life more than ever. It means that he will now take matters into his own hands, leading an investigation that turns up more than what he anticipated.

Rajasekhar gives up his ‘angry man’ image to play a character that’s mellow and beaten down by life. The first half of the film establishes his dynamic with the rest of the family, including his daughter. The emotional bits don’t look artificial but once an unfortunate incident takes place, the pace of the film slackens. The pre-interval does what it’s supposed to do, make you want to know more.

While director Jeevitha Rajasekhar veers a little from the original, the investigation still remains air tight, so does the story. Sekhar finds the need to reign in his emotions as the layers are peeled back. The dialogues which dwell on facts about the medical infrastructure and kingpins are well researched. The way every minor detail is solved is pretty impressive. The film takes you on an emotional ride after keeping you on the edge of the seat, but the transition is not smooth. But the climax ends up answering all the questions.

Rajasekhar truly carries Sekhar on his able shoulders. His salt and pepper look is on-point and he shines in the emotional bits. Shivani too is good in her role, with actors like Sameer and Prakash Raj perfectly placed. The background music by Anup Rubens could’ve been better.

If you’ve watched Joseph, you’re already familiar with the story and Shekar might not impress you. But if you’ve not watched the original, this film will definitely not disappoint.

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