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Selfie Mummy Googl Daddy

Selfie Mummy Googl Daddy Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Selfie Mummy Googl Daddy Movie Review : Selfie Mummy Google Daddy

Surya (Srujan Lokesh) and Shalini(Meghana Raj) are a working couple with two kids. To relieve their children’s boredom and for their safety, they buy them mobile phones, but this turns out to be a disaster. The children are so addicted to their mobiles that they carry them to school and share their gaming apps with their peers. When this comes to the notice of the school principal and the school authorities, they insist that Surya and Shalini take their children’s transfer certificate as the problem is getting out of control. To add to their woes, even the grandparents are addicted to television shows.

To overcome the crisis, the couple goes to a mobile de-addiction centre. Instead of children, it’s the parents who are counselled so that they can change their kids’ lives. Learning from his mistakes, Surya tries every trick in the book to get the kids interested in outdoor activities.

Selfie Mummy Google Daddy touches upon mobile addiction which is a burning issue and how mobile companies want people to live with their cell phones. The first half shows how children fail to perform in studies and how they are lethargic, in a hilarious way. Achyuth Kumar holds forth on tackling screen addiction rather impressively. The latter half is about finding a solution. Director Madhu Chandra deserves credit for touching upon a subject which not many have explored, but the content lacks conviction. The chemistry between Srujan Lokesh and Meghana Raj works for the movie.

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