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Saudi Vellakka Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Saudi Vellakka Movie Review : Are our courts providing justice?

Story: An old woman beats up a small boy when he accidentally hits her while playing cricket. His parents file a case against the woman, but is justice served?

Review: The story is set in Saudi, a colony in Kochi. A group of children playing cricket accidently hit an old passerby with their ball. In a fit of anger, the lady Ayesha Rauthar (Devi Varma) beats the boy Abhilash (Lukman Luke) who took the blame for the accident, and he falls on the ground breaking his teeth. The boy’s family files a case against Ayesha and as the court case drags on, she pulls away from her family and withdraws into a shell.

Tharun Moorthy’s latest strikes as a blow to the Indian judiciary. The first half starts slow, but the second half is more eventful and emotional with stellar performances by Devi Varma and Lukman. The way the director makes a mockery of the judiciary is commendable, and he does this without going overboard and keeps it enjoyable and thought-provoking. The court case starts over children’s gully cricket, and continues till they get into their 20s and one witness even gets married; it is a mirror to slow court proceedings in India with judges changing, absent witnesses, holiday extensions and so on

Devi Varma as Ayesh excelled in her performance, with her guilt and sadness. And the encounter with a grown-up Abhilash, who is now a young man with his own struggles and understands the old woman’s emotions. Sujit Shankar as Ayesha’s son, has also given a memorable performance.

Sarath Velayudhan’s cinematography was nice and complemented the movie, especially the way he captured the scenic beauty of Kochi and nearby areas. Music by Palee Francis never felt overdone, the song Pakalolo Kaanate by Job Kurian appeals, and the camera work both were beautifully done.

Saudi Vellakka shows that you can create a good movie that talks about the real issues of the society without superstars or big banners

– V Vinod Nair

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