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Sarla Ek Koti

Sarla Ek Koti Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Sarla Ek Koti Movie Review : Worth a watch for the twist it takes

Review: Sarla Ek Koti is filled to the brim with examples of creepy men and their lascivious behaviour toward women. This results in a fair bit of melodrama and quite a few interesting situations in this cleverly written film.

A newly wed Bhikaji (Omkar Bhojne) and his wife Sarla (Isha Keskar) are in domestic bliss; when out of nowhere the Thekedar visits with a contract signed by Bhikaji that allows him the right to take Sarla as his own. As one is reeling from the shock of this premise, multiple men from the village offer to help Bhikaji, provided he concedes his wife.

What seems like a hyper problematic film casually objectifying women, turns on its head as the situation escalates and karma takes over.

Sarla Ek Koti showcases simple storytelling done well. While the story demands a certain suspension of disbelief, its characters are lovable and the village setting is endearing. It taps on a lot of issues in society without ever getting preachy. The depiction of the male gaze is maybe done one too many times, and could’ve been toned down a bit.

Bhojne and Keskar both shine in their roles and have great chemistry. The film is paced very well and manages to hold your attention throughout.

The peak moment for this film is the way the narrative turns a 180 at the end. The sheer joy that the twist brings makes Sarla Ek Koti worth a watch.

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