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Samrenu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Samrenu Movie Review : A typical love story that goes haywire

Set in a village in Maharashtra, Samrenu is a story of love and heartbreak. Sameer (Mahesh Dongre) is a happy-go-lucky guy who spends most of his time roaming around with friends. The remaining time, he tries to woo a girl he thinks he’s in love with. In his head, he is her boyfriend. When she calls him home, or when they meet alone, he expects their meeting to translate into something more, let’s just say, romantic. In the meantime, his carefree exploits with his friends continue. Things change when the girl he thinks he’s in love with breaks his heart.

Simultaneously, Sameer also seems to admire Renu (Ruchita Mangade), a widow from their village who also has a kid. It takes time for that admiration to turn into love, but all is not easy in this journey. One of the biggest obstacles in Sameer’s way is Santya (Bharat Limhan), the villain of the story. Santya has his focus set on getting together with Renu, by hook or by crook. When he threatens Sameer, the latter responds accordingly, warning him of consequences if he doesn’t back away. What happens in and around all these instances makes for the story.

The name of the film is derived from a combination of the two lead characters. While it’s a genuine attempt from Mahesh Dongre, who has also penned the story and directed the film, Samrenu comes across as just another love story set against a rural backdrop with all the usual tropes in play. The acting department isn’t strong either. The leads are decent but would have been much better with some polishing. The cinematography of the film is decent and that elevates its look and feel a little. But that’s not enough to make this one worth a watch.

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