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Sakutumba Sametha

Sakutumba Sametha Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Sakutumba Sametha Movie Review : A simple tale with its soul firmly in place

Plot: Suresh and Shraddha, who have matched through an online matrimonial site, are set to get married. But, with less than a fortnight for their wedding, Shraddha has cold feet and the family meets to discuss whether or not they should go ahead with the preparations.

Review: The trailer of Sakutumba Sametha created a lot of intrigue, as it had some funny and some relatable moments. Backed by Rakshit Shetty, who previously produced content like Katheyondu Shuruvaagide, there were expectations that this film would be different and worth looking out for. The film doesn’t disappoint, as the content is fresh, simple and heartwarming.

The film begins with the introduction of the unlikely pair of Suresh and Shraddha, who are set to get married. The viewers get to know right away that not all is well, and Shraddha has reservations about going ahead with the wedding, which she finally chooses to express to her parents and Suresh. What follows is a story that pretty much takes place in one house. The families of the bride and groom meet to see if they can salvage this situation.

While the story looks simple on paper, what makes it so special are the layers that are showcased with each of the characters. While there is the obvious odd pair of Suresh and Shraddha that the viewers can see, what also makes for a great watch is the dynamics among the parents of the two protagonists. In fact, some of the best moments of the film include scenes that play out between the two sets of parents. One witnesses different shades of married life and what it takes to sail through the years.

Sakutumba Sametha is not just a coming-of-age film for the two protagonists, but also for the other characters. This makes the film all the more dear for the viewer. One must commend director Rahul PK and co-writer Pooja Sudhir for such nuanced writing. Midhun Mukundan’s music is in perfect harmony with the script. The casting is apt. Lead actors Bharath GB and Siri Ravikumar give commendable performances. Achyuth Kumar’s a riot and proves why he is one of the most wanted artistes. Rekha Kudligi deserves a special mention. Pushpa Belawadi, Krishna Hebbale and Jayalaxmi Patil perform on point.

Sakutumba Sametha is an endearing tale that unfolds at its own pace. While this is what works for the film, the pacing could get to those who are now attuned to the racy fare on streaming platforms. But, if cinema with soul and simplicity is your cup of tea or coffee, this one is just for you.

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