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Saddu! Vicharane Nadeyuttide Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Saddu! Vicharane Nadeyuttide Movie Review : An interesting edge-of-the-seat thriller

Plot: Couple Janani (Pavana) and Chandru (Rakesh Maiyya) go missing a few days after getting married against their parents’ wishes. Can Inspector Pruthvi (Madhunandan) solve this case?

Review: Police constable Janani and Chandru marry against the wishes of their family, but are now missing. Janani belongs to an upper class and Chandru comes from a lower class and that brings in ugly twists. Will Inspector Pruthvi, who is put on the case, solve it?

Investigative thrillers can be extremely interesting, especially when the director can keep the screenplay afloat, without losing steam mid-way. Saddu… belongs to that category. Though the film is just about finding missing people, debutant Bhaskar Neenasam has balanced it well, holding the audiences’ interest, from the beginning till the climax. The actors have supported this edge-of-the-seat-thriller really well, especially debutant Madhunandan. Raghu Shivamogga too has performed very well. Rakesh and Pavana have utilised their space to showcase their talents.

The film offers several unexpected twists and turns and takes the audience through it flawlessly. Cinematography and music balance the film. This wholesome entertainer makes it a perfect watch in theatres this weekend.

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