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Sachin The Ultimate Winner

Sachin The Ultimate Winner Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Sachin The Ultimate Winner Movie Review : A predictable and feeble story about the willpower required to achieve one’s goals

Sachin: The Ultimate Winner story: Sachin, a school student, idolises cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and aspires to be a cricketer like him. But, a tragic accident paralyses him, shattering his dreams. The story hinges on whether this will put an end to his dreams or whether he can change his fate through hard work.

Sachin: The Ultimate Winner review: ‘Sachin: The Ultimate Winner’ is about a focused teenager who aspires to be a cricketer one day. The film’s message to the youth is loud and clear: do not give up easily, but instead have the courage to change their fate through hard work and dedication. In this story, Sachin (Mukul Cheeru) is a warm-hearted boy with the potential to become a great cricketer. However, due to an unfortunate accident, his lower body is paralysed, making playing cricket an impossible dream for him. Will he ever return to the field to play again?

Producer-director Dweep Raj Kochhar has co-written the film with Dhruv Raj and Yuvraj Kochhar. It is a simple and inspiring story about a young boy who aspires to be like Sachin Tendulkar, but after an unfortunate accident, he has to fight through life’s most difficult challenges, much like cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who returned to the game after overcoming cancer. In this film, the protagonist’s strength comes from his near and dear ones—family, neighbours, coach, and classmates—as well as his strong willpower.

The screenplay isn’t particularly strong, and the plot is fairly predictable from the beginning to the climactic sequence. Winning in the final ball has become a tried-and-true method of raising the stakes. A few plot twists would have definitely made the story much more interesting. Even the production values are subpar, which is evident in every frame, giving the impression of films from the 80s. However, the intended audience (that is children) will be able to relate to the story and will find it engaging in parts.

Mukul Cheeru plays Sachin with conviction. Although he is a little plumper for the role of the cricket-obsessed character. Ved Thapar plays Sachin’s coach. His personality is similar to that of any other coach at the school. Shivani Sharma portrays a stereotypical single mother struggling to make ends meet while encouraging her son’s ambitions. Dweep Raj’s Nihal Singh serves as the Sachin family’s support system and occasionally injects humour into the story.

Overall, the maker’s sole intention is to send a wake-up call to the younger generation to stay focused and committed to achieving their dreams and reaching their desired destination. But it’s lame execution and crippled screenplay make it a passable film!

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